Author and Illustrator Eric Wight

Author and Illustrator Eric Wight

‘Frankie Pickle and the Roller Coaster of Fame’

BCiS was thrilled to hear author/illustrator Eric Wight recount his adventurous career as illustrator, animator, character developer and writer — complete with twists of fate, hairpin turns and heroic sketch skills! It was evident Eric ‘created his own good luck’ throughout his career by working constantly, learning from his colleagues and improving his skill and knowledge of the industry. Even after disappointing project cancellations he found ways to quickly insinuate himself back into the business, targeting the people he wanted to work with the most.

Several of Eric’s school-age fans were in the audience and confirmed Frankie’s huge popularity and Eric’s rapport with his young audience. We’re all looking forward to the next Pickle adventure, and his coming television series. Many, many thanks, Eric!

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