Joe DeVito’s new “KONG OF SKULL ISLAND” comic

jdevitopcartforblogJoe DeVito, an extraordinary artist who is a member of Bucks County Illustrators Society and gave a great talk to our group on his art, is partnering with award-winning BOOM! Studios to launch a limited comic book series that features the iconic character King Kong.

From the press release:

KONG OF SKULL ISLAND [is] an original, limited comic book series debuting in July featuring the famous gargantuan ape, King Kong, created by Merian C. Cooper, and grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito’s ground-breaking literary property SKULL ISLAND. KONG OF SKULL ISLAND is exclusively authorized and endorsed by the Cooper family as their official King Kong/Skull Island prequel and sequel origin story. BOOM!’s comic series will be written by James Asmus (Marvel’s ALL-NEW INHUMANS comic) and illustrated by Carlos Magno (BOOM’s PLANET OF THE APES comics).

“King Kong is the progenitor of an entire section of genre fiction. It is truly an honor to be a part of that gigantic legacy,” said BOOM! Studios President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik. “We’re thrilled to be working with Joe DeVito to create a comic series that is authentic to the origins of Kong.”

BOOM!’s KONG OF SKULL ISLAND comic series takes place well before Carl Denham, Jack Driscoll, and the rest of the Wanderer’s crew set foot on the island. Two fractured and combative civilizations are forced to band together as they venture onto Skull Island, their new home, which they are soon horrified to realize is home to dinosaurs, giant creatures…and Kongs.

“It is exhilarating to be working with BOOM! Studios and such an astute and nuanced group of writers and artists. This fabulous KONG OF SKULL ISLAND series digs deep!” said Joe DeVito.

KONG OF SKULL ISLAND #1 (of 6) arrives in comic shops on July 13th with a main cover by Felipe Massafera (DC’s GREEN LANTERN: WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS comic) for the price of $3.99.

(For the full press release see

Joe has painted and sculpted pop culture’s most recognizable icons including Doc Savage, Superman and Batman and has had his work exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world. We are thrilled to send him our congratulations on this exciting project!

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