Below is a list of our current members. Member illustration samples can be viewed in the Gallery, or the members’ individual websites to see the full range of their talents. For information on acquiring artwork, please contact the artist directly.

Photo of  Deb  Hoeffner

Deb Hoeffner

Phone: 215-766-9911Website:

Over the years, deb’s work has evolved from a very tight realism to a more fluid, painterly expression. The title artist/illustrator suits her. With degrees and experience in art education, fine arts, and graphic design and an added passion for art history, deb has the experience, knowledge, and curiosity to constantly create new solutions to visual challenges.

Her drawings are realistic and fluid with a wide depth of tones. Working in the traditional mediums of watercolor, pastel, oil and pencil with a dash of digital, deb’s work reflects a touch of the old masters combined with her own vision. “My work has always been about expression and layers. Layers of thought, layers of pencil and eventually layers of glazed colors. The result is what I call “soft realism” which leaves room for the imagination. The brushstrokes and pencil strokes are a part of the image rather than masked.”

“Part of my expression is to say that even in this digital world, the human touch of a hand can create magic.” During the 30 years of her illustration career, deb’s work has been published in print, web and advertising worldwide.

2017 Members of the Bucks County Illustrators Society

Pat Achilles

Children’s book illustration, editorial illustration, cartoons, graphics and logos.

Sanford Bender

Sandy creates botanical, marine, insect and mythical illustrations aimed at scientific books for young people.

James Bennett

Editorial illustration, sports & celebrity caricature, book illustration.

Dot Bunn

Fine art landscape, still life, portraiture, historical murals.

Gil Cohen

Specializing in WW II aviation paintings and other historical subjects.

Joe DeVito  Heroic fiction and fantasy art. Also specializing in religious paintings and sculpture:

Ponder Goembel

Children’s book illustration and oil painting.

Pam Hamilton

Graphic design, fabric design, and children’s book illustration.

Rich Harrington

Editorial illustration, cartooning, fine art watercolor.

Monika Hinterwaldner

Children’s book illustration, greeting card and fabric design and illustration.

Deb Hoeffner

Soft naturalism in illustration for books, children’s books, editorial illustration.  Watercolor and oil painting.

Becca Klein

Fantasy illustration, character illustration.

Joe Kulka

Children’s book illustration, humor illustration.

Kim Kurki

Illustration for a wide variety of products, publications, and other venues. Style ranges from whimsical, juvenile images to graphic and decorative designs, to more realistic, still-life and natural subjects.

Kathryn Maxwell

Specialty: both fine art and illustration–oil paint, chalk and oil pastels, watercolors

Rebecca Rhodin

Children’s book illustration, writing and editing.

Seth Robinson

Fantasy illustration, writing, creative partnering, oil painting.

MT-logoMarie Thresher

Children’s book illustration, writing, graphic design.

Glenn Zimmer

Children’s book illustration, editorial illustration, book design and production.