Disney lets go most of its hand-drawn animators

Disney lets go most of its hand-drawn animators

It’s a sad day for fans of traditional animation:  Disney has let go most of its hand-drawn animators, the Disney Blog says.  Nine animators from the hand drawn team were laid off, among them some of the most veteran animators on the team. It looks like CG art has taken over the big screen.  The whole post, which includes names of these premier Disney animators, is here.

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  1. Becca says:

    Truly sad to hear about these developments. Some of those names are literally my childhood heroes.

    My first trip to Walt Disney World at age seven, I went through the Disney Animation Tour and fogged the glass watching the animators create life with their pencils. I made a declaration then that I wanted to do that when I grew up, so some of these people really are the reason I’m an artist now.

    This news has been devastating to my wide eyed seven year old self and my constant kid-at-heart. I had such high hopes when “Princess and the Frog” came out – finally back to traditional animation and fairy tale storytelling – but when even Glenn Keane (my personal, and industry deity) was getting shoved around with “Tangled” back and forth with 2D vs 3D… I knew trouble had long been brewing. It really is a huge blow to the art community and the world of entertainment to loose such a magnificent and inspiring medium.

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