Joe DeVito’s Fabulous ‘King Kong of Skull Island’

Joe DeVito’s Fabulous ‘King Kong of Skull Island’

Has anyone ever speculated what happened to King Kong’s body after his iconic fall from the Empire State Building? How did this astonishing ape of legend even come to exist? Award-winning illustrator Joe DeVito and science fiction author Brad Strickland have created, with the exclusive imprimatur of the Merian C. Cooper estate, a lavishly illustrated world inhabited by the towering Kong and his captor, Carl Denham.  Watch the video below to hear more about the fantastic new stories and paintings this collaboration has brought about, and share it with other fans of Kong, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, speculative science fiction, action and adventure.

A really terrific interview with Joe, all about his career and how he delves deep into research to give the amazingly rich details to his work, is at

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